This series of astro-photography / night lapse shorts was taken throughout the year and during our short and mostly wet and cloudy British summer.

I have been trying with some luck & effort to capture a glimpse of the milky way from here in the South West of Cornwall UK.

Its difficult to describe what goes into making these short clips, not so much the technical but the other stuff; wandering out into the darkest nights hanging around waiting, watching the sky, the shadows, shooting stars, hundreds of strange noises which you would never notice in the day. sea birds, wind in the grasses hedgerows and wires, as it's difficult to see your ears take on the mantel of recognition hypersensitivity takes over.

In the dead of night if you lie on the ground during the making of one of these short clips ( each 10 seconds is about three hours, real time) , staring up at the stars, it seems like time has no meaning at all, hours could have passed, tho’ usually not, the camera keeps going or runs out of power or condensation, or some other thing you hadn't noticed, clouds roll in.

What becomes evermore apparent after spending many nights (out-there) is the incredible continuity and simple beauty of time passing as you try to take in the night sky and its moments.

Many thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the sound "Gloom Horizon"
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