Hals’ History of Cornwall—c1730 The following description is quoted from [Hals 1750] and must be read in the context of about 1730 when it was written. The extract is taken from [Polsue 1868]. Zennar is situated in the hundred of Penwith, and hath upon the north, the Irish sea, north-east, Tywidneck, south, Maddarne. For the name, if it be compounded of Sen-nar, it signifies Holy Pool or Lake; otherwise, if it be a corruption of Se-nar or Seynar, English Cornish, it signifies the sea lake, or creek of the sea; and the church is situated in a valley near the sea, with a rivulet of water flowing by it. The above is taken from West Penwith Resources. http://west-penwith.org.uk/zennor.htm
© Graham Gaunt sound + image 2011 Made in Penwith, Cornwall.

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